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    WHD Asset Connection to Orion - Useless?


      I am working with a partner to setup WHD and SolarWinds Orion and part of our reason to purchase WHD was that with Orion NPM and SAM we'd be capturing ALOT of detail about nodes using WMI.  That info, I want to import into our WHD Asset database.


      What I immediately realized after setting up the connection to my SolarwindsOrion DB is that ALL that is pulled over is:

      Type: Asset Type Do not overwrite existing value

      Model: Model Do not overwrite existing value

      Asset Status: Asset Status:

      Version: Version

      IP Address: IP Address

      Network Name: Node Caption (data goes into the wrong field by default)

      Manufacturer: Manufacturer  (Wrong info from Orion)

      Manufacturer Short Name: Manufacturer (Duplicate wrong info from orion)


      WHY in the WORLD would all of the rich detail available in SW NOT be available to WHD via the connection?  Details like warranty expiration, RAM configuration, RAM details, CPOU, OS arch. Last Logged in user, AV status, Location, Accurate Manufacturer, Serial Number/Service Tag, yes... I can go on and on.


      I would LOVE add the fields I want to pull in from Orion into the WHD DB then add those files in the connector to import but THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE!


      I CAN setup a WMI connection to EACH device by scanning an IP range but even what that pulls in is limited and now I am going to the workstations a SECOND time via WMI to pull data on a regularly scheduled basis.


      This just seems illogical and silly that this data is not being made available to WHD.  Am I wrong in this thinking?  Is there a document somewhere that will tell me where I can find this data in the SolarwindsOrion DB so I can just setup a SQL connector and map the fields over myself?  (<-I shouldn't have to do this, by the way.)


      Maybe I missed this in the WHD documentation and Loop 1 Systems is not the premier SolarWinds partner I think they are if they can't tell me how to set this up.


      Thanks, and sorry for the rant but I just spent 3 hours setting up discovery and other items in Orion to get the data only to find it's not available in WHD... argh!



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          Man i feel for you i do.   I learned this a long time ago.   I get very frustrated at the lack of true effort i fell is put forth to make this product part of the Orion machine.   I hope they will continue to improve, but keep writing and ranting, because its things like that, that will drive changes.    Sorry you are frustrated but thank you for the feedback   I share your pain.

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              Thanks for the supportive words.    Of course, I look at this from the demanding end-user POV which is, "Well, if I WERE WRITING THIS APP, I'D DO THIS..."  But honestly, how hard would it be to expose the data from existing tables in Orion.  There is a SQL connector so if I just had the correct table info I might be able to grab it but I just don't know... This just seems like it could be easy but of course, I didn't write the app.