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    Custom Property email address question


      Any ideas why ${SQL: SELECT Email FROM NodesCustomProperties where nodeid=${Nodeid}} works as an alert email destination,

      but ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomProperties.Email} fails?






      Orion 2016.2,  SAM 6.3, NPM 12.0.1 (et al.)

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          Interesting.  I've seen this in my environment and manually re-typed the emails...assumed it was a copy/paste problem.

          If you have the time to hunt it down, go through both, collect diags and open a ticket.

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            ${custom_property} worked for me. Which looks like would be ${Email} for your example.

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              I had this same Issue with a client last week. One of our other engineers checked the system - the Custom Property I created and set a value for did not show when the other engineer was logged in. I found out after as well, he had created a CP that I did not see at the same time. This is apparently a known issue, SW is aware. It has to do with the DB..not sure exactly what it is, but it is there.


              The work around is to make it work or force the select query. One way or the other the input of data, that you can confirm by viewing in the web or in the DB Manager; is not accessible from other calls the DB is doing when you try to test your alerts.


              Mine was for Application/Component Alerting so I used, just in case anyone is wondering :

              ${SQL: SELECT 'CustomPropertyName' FROM APM_ApplicationCustomProperties where applicationid=${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationID}}