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    NetPerfMon DB replication for DR or data warehouse


      Hello everyone


      I would like to replicate specific tables and views from the NPM database to another SQL server to enable data warehousing and reporting.  ha anyone done this successfully?


      in the old versions when the database structure was very simple, it would have been simple to setup,  however, in the new forma with views for the likes of "ResponseTime" and "interface utilisation" etc, there are now views, with dependant views, and then dependant on a dynamic set of tables that contain he raw data.


      so the table-names for interface utilisation will change through time as data is summarised as there is a table for each day of data.  once that day of data becomes obsolete, it is deleted".  I assume the "Views2 are dynamically updated also to reflect the table name changes


      has anyone done anything with this?


      thank you for nay advice!