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    Syslog Events (repeats only) - Triggering Alerts on Interface/Port Flaps



      I could not locate Solarwinds Syslog Server???

      Please offer corrections, if necessary!


      I am using Solarwinds Syslog Server...successful thus far with Alerts (email notifications) on the following;

      -Device Reboots

      -Device Configuration Changes - Initiated

      -Device Configuration Changes - Completed


      Now, I am trying to get Alerts (email notifications) from Solarwinds Syslog Server...on Interfaces/Ports which are flapping (down,up,down,up,etc)


      Is there a way to Alert on ONLY those of which are IDENTICAL MESSAGES (same hostname, same severity, same EXACT message) - a message/event, that persistently repeats, over and over and over?


      i.e.  Alerts on Interface/Port Flaps

      Hostname = same

      Severity = same

      Message = same


      I am trying to LIMIT the Alert to these all being EQUAL/IDENTICAL, aside from differences of Time of Messages.

      I dont want the Alert from DIFFERENT Hostnames, or DIFFERENT Severity Levels (if possible) or DIFFERENT Messages (i.e. a different device, or different interface/port)


      Trying to Alert on SAME host, SAME Severity and SAME Messages - that are constant, repeat dozens of times per minute...as in a Interface/Port Flapping!

      Or, I may open to alternative methods of logging then triggering Alerts too, if anyone has recommendations.


      Thank you in advance.