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    NPM (spread the word)

      1. What industry is your company in? Industrial.
      2. How large is your IT shop? (Small (1-250 elements); Medium (251 – 2000 elements); Large (2001 to 10000 elements); Extra-large (greater than 10,000 elements) Medium.
      3. Which SolarWinds product are you writing this review for? NPM
      4. What problem were you trying to solve when you purchased? We purchased NPM almost a year ago in order to have one centralized monitoring software since many of our branches are using different monitoring products.
      5. Did you consider options other than SolarWinds? Who? Yes, ManageEngine, PRTG, Nagios.
      6. How are you using the product and what benefits have you seen? We have setup all our network devices and servers to be monitored by NPM. The out of the box alerts are really convenient as you can duplicate and edit them depending on the requirement of your alert plus the Thwack community has tons of resources that you can easily check in case you are running into some issues when trying make your alerting works. NPM is very easy to understand and use (really straight forward) and it does quite a good job as well when it comes to reporting and asset inventory.
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          We are in the educational branche Europe, Netherlands. We are using NPM to monitor the Medium data network (Cisco).

          We are using, the Prime-Infrastructure, Cacti and we have own tools written in PHP.

          We have the out of the box alerting, and made some specials for OSPF, BGP and power.