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    Office 365


      When using Office365 as the Incoming Mail Account, it causes intermittent connection issues whereby the helpdesk shows a timeout message from the server:


      "A previous attempt to connect to name@domain.com (host 'outlook.office365.com') failed for 'name@domain.com'. 0 interval(s) remaining until retry."

      Unable to connect to the Incoming Mail Account 'name@domain.com' due to the following error:

      "Error while contacting mailbox: The helpdesk was able to make a connection with the Exchange web server, but a timeout occurred while attempting to retrieve the Exchange folder list. Please see FAQ<http://www.solarwinds.com:80/onlinehelp?productType=WebHelpDesk&language=en_US&productVersion=12.5.0&viewType=ProductView&authenticationKey=ignore&helpKey=HelpDeskFAQ125ExchangeConnectError> for more information.


      I understand that we can ignore this timeout message, however we receive them so frequently it's not really possible to do. On top of this, if we have any other issue it's them spammed over by these messages and we can't see the other underlying issue. On top of this, it's quite distressing to see so many timeout messages in a short period of time across multiple days.


      The Mail Account is set to Exchange, I understand that I can change this to POP3 or IMAP but this is not a feasible option.


      I've increased the Connection Timeout to 400+ and this isn't reducing the error messages by much.

      The connection to the server seems fine using this test: Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer


      Using Wireshark we can check the data packets but nothing seems off there either.


      The firewall isn't causing any issues and the port isn't an issue either.



      Multiple sites have reported the same issue, is this happening for anyone else here?


      I've logged this with SolarWinds support, any further assistance would be very much appreciated if anyone has any ideas to try.

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          I Use office 365 and had a day long outage due to the connection issues.   I also opened a case with Microsoft.   They are monitoring it.  The issues appear to be in the account used to attach to O365.  I had about 40K emails in the deleted folder so once i cleaned it out the mail flow started working again.  I also set the account as its local to O365 and not a AD domain account, to PW never expires.   I know that is not the safest so please save the never do that feedback.  I found this was my key to stable communications. 

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            We are also having the same issue with Office 365 at the moment, we have raised with our helpdesk support and they have said a number of customers are having same issue....


            We have to keep restarting to get it to start working again.

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              Thanks everyone - we are aware and have a growing list of end users over the last few days in particular having this issue. Unfortunately we haven't been able to yet replicate the issue internally. Please make certain you log this with support so we can track and work with you on this. Thanks!

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                It's like you are sitting in our shop now.


                This issue has been ongoing all week. Luckily we caught on because we have had 30 minute gaps between successful connections to outlook.office365.com leaving a ton of potentially urgent tickets hanging out in limbo.


                Same config here: Exchange connection to Office365 mailbox were it retrieves mail and then deletes the stuff it has read. Can't seem to figure out why it is happening, but it is annoying as heck.



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                  I see this msg every now and then, I've been ignoring it and have not noticed any missed emails yet.  I've seen similar issues on other systems with Google mail and imap something with a limitation on how many times something may authenticate in a given amount of time.  I'll dig deeper and see what I can find.


                  An error last occurred at 2/24/17 2:25 pm while attempting to retrieve e-mail from helpdesk@contoso.com:


                  AUTHENTICATE failed.

                  javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: AUTHENTICATE failed.
                  at com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore.protocolConnect(IMAPStore.java:661)
                  at javax.mail.Service.connect(Service.java:295)
                  at com.macsdesign.whd.util.EmailUtils$1.executeUntilTimeout(EmailUtils.java:256)
                  at com.macsdesign.util.ThreadTimer$TimeableThread.run(ThreadTimer.java:138)


                  Please check the e-mail account settings and the mail server for any problems. E-Mail will be checked again in 5 minutes, or when e-mail settings are updated to make a successful connection with your mailbox. Settings for this e-mail account are at Setup > E-Mail > Incoming Mail Accounts.

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                    Same issue here, no connection with WHD to O365


                    Update just looked into the system, it was connecting again yesterday, and was dropping the connection now and then... not reliable but some mails might get through

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                      Update O365;

                      Thanks to everyone in providing more information about this. Because of this, dev has a few avenues to look into. We recommend that you also place a ticket with MS since they can obtain O365 logging information. You can then supply our support the log collection for us to look at.

                      We have made a few discoveries;

                      Changing to IMAP or POP instead of using the the Exchange setting will provide a more consistent connection. In doing this, you should be aware of message handling i.e: cleanup of the inbox where POP/IMAP simply do not supply the same control capability built into the exchange connector.

                      I will provide an update as we have more information.

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                        Hi All,


                        With changing the configuration from Exchange to IMAP or POP3 it seems to work, in fact it seems that bigger emails get processed quicker when on either of these. However due to how these Account Types work it's not a a feasible change nor is it a fix.


                        Has anyone else got any use from the Office 365 logs?


                        Does anyone have issues with using IMAP or POP3 with Office 365?


                        Are there any other ideas we can try to implement to get this working?

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                            I called Microsoft last week and they confirmed there were no limitations on number of connections in a given amount of time, nor number of emails that may be sent/received over IMAP.  Additionally they stated there were no existing issues or any during the times of my WHD errors.  I'm comfortable ruling out any issue on the Microsoft side of the house.

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                              We don't have it enabled in our environment.   We could try it but i don't believe that should be the end all fix. does it still process the emails teh same way so once it reads the email it moved it to deleted automatically?   Assuming Pop or imap?

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                                  POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3):

                                  All of the messages are downloaded from the mail-server and saved locally, this means that your e-mail is only accessible from one computer or device and the incoming mail is no longer available when using WebMail or any other computer or device. The great thing about this is that the mail is always available on the computer or device even when offline, however this does mean that sent items are only available locally because there's no copy on the mail server.


                                  POP3 seems to delete emails completely from the inbox, removing them completely rather than putting them into the deleted folder.



                                  IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol):

                                  Your inbox is stored via the mail-server, however sent items are stored locally meaning incoming mail is always available, however no copy of sent items are available on the mail-server.


                                  IMAP seems to leave emails in the inbox, however this should be configurable within Office365. Although I've yet to find this configuration as of yet.

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                                      Thanks, i do know how email works, i was more questioning about the management of the online mailbox sine WHD isn't a Mail client in itself, and i don't like having to manage the email items.  If pop will keep it clean as expected and not do anything weird, then We can try it, however in the past we have had issues with POP and it has left us with missing or duplicate tickets.   processing larger mail messages more quickly isn't a big priority for us, and since i don't need the WHD to have an official account to send email, its the receiving that becomes the real issue.   It has worked like a charm for 3 years using Office 365, and now over the past 2 weeks its been not working.   Something changed on the Microsoft end i am sure of it, because i haven't updated WHD in the last 2 weeks. 

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                                          Anything could've changed on the Microsoft end, however getting them to admit anything that could've affected it is just a long path going back and fourth leading practically no where.


                                          If POP3 or IMAP doesn't work for you, or you're having issues with it please let us know on this thread so we can keep track of the situation of multiple instances having this issue.

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                                      I have the same issue as described on this thread. We also tried re-creating the Office365 account but no luck - notification keeps coming. As suggested above, I changed to IMAP and it worked for a few days but then we started receiving error notifications again every 1 (one) minute.

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                                          Seems like we are being pushed to the Pop3 setup.   I would say that WHD for us has been ok the past few days.   We are getting tickets anyway however just a very long delay in the time the message was sent until its received and notified by WHD.

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                                              I get an error msg "Unable to establish connection within 30 seconds." but I've not had any issues with imap & email delivery or the delay, I've been ignoring the msg.  I did make these changes a while back which improved the overall performance of WHD.  Also make sure your server meets the hardware requirements of WHD.


                                              Please do the following:

                                              1. Increase the JVM Memory in Web Help Desk Server. https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Web_Help_Desk_(WHD)/Increase_the_Java_Virtual_Machine_(JVM)_memory

                                              2. Adjust the threshold settings:

                                              - Open Web Help Desk Console.- Go to ( Setup > E-Mail > Options > scroll down and set the 'Schedule E-Mail Delivery Threshold' to 0. )- Click 'Save'.

                                              3. Adjust the Max Search Results:

                                              - Open Web Help Desk Console- Go to ( Setup > General > Options > set the 'Max Search Results' to 1000 )

                                              4. Restart the Web Help Desk Service.

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                                          I do have 2 Tickets openened for now:


                                          Solarwinds: Case 1127333

                                          Microsoft: SRX617030192962564ID


                                          I will let you know how it works out.

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                                            Prior to going to outlook.office365.com Web Help Desk was fully operational.

                                            Like so many other Solarwinds clients, our WHD no longer connect and retrieve e-mail messages.

                                            We migrated to office365, 02/14/2017 and that was the end of that. Now a month later we still have no answers.


                                            I would imagine a reputable company like Solarwinds would have contacted Microsoft and ironed out the bugs by now.

                                            They know who the clients are, they have collected enough log files etc., they know Microsoft that can work with their Office365 teams to make the connection between the different WHD installations and figure what is going on.

                                            My impression is Solarwinds want to rely on the paid clients to de-bug their software for them, instead of themselves.


                                            Any one else thinking a class action lawsuit is in order here?  :-)

                                            Yep, I am annoyed.

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                                              We use 365. Currently a POP3 connection, and has been for some time.

                                              Only real success we had was with POP3 or IMAP, and have frequently switched between the two.

                                              Connection timeout set to:999

                                              EmailCheckInterval in whd.conf file currently at "xxx" (default - 1 minute I believe)

                                              But we have altered it before to counter performance issues. (up to 180 max as I recall)


                                              We had terrible trouble with connectivity when we moved to 365. The eventual end solution was to split of the Daemon services onto a new server.

                                              WHDDaemonMode can be set to dedicated, background, or none.


                                              So now we have one box running WHD's front end, and a clone running the daemon background services.

                                              Also allows easy restart of the daemon server without killing the front end and tech logins.

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                                                We are having the same issue.  Stopping and Re-starting the services usually works but if there are over 10 emails in the inbox I have to move them to a "hold" folder and then drop them back to the inbox in small batches.  This is really becoming a serious issue.  I have tried switching back and forth between IMAP AND POP and haven't found it better or worse on either one.

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                                                  I have to say, i have been seeing an improvement.  I only had 11 messages over night that there was an error in connection.   Maybe is was a slow email night, but still.   I know the team at solarwinds are working in the background to get things figured out.

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                                                      Unfortunately for me, ours is not getting any better:


                                                      An error last occurred at 22/03/2017 04:03 while attempting to retrieve e-mail from helpdesk@contoso.com:


                                                      Unknown host: outlook.office365.com


                                                      javax.mail.MessagingException: outlook.office365.com;
                                                        nested exception is:
                                                      java.net.UnknownHostException: outlook.office365.com
                                                      at com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore.protocolConnect(IMAPStore.java:670)
                                                      at javax.mail.Service.connect(Service.java:295)
                                                      at com.macsdesign.whd.util.EmailUtils$1.executeUntilTimeout(EmailUtils.java:256)
                                                      at com.macsdesign.util.ThreadTimer$TimeableThread.run(ThreadTimer.java:138)
                                                      Caused by: java.net.UnknownHostException: outlook.office365.com
                                                      at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connect(AbstractPlainSocketImpl.java:184)
                                                      at java.net.SocksSocketImpl.connect(SocksSocketImpl.java:392)
                                                      at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:589)
                                                      at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:538)
                                                      at com.sun.mail.util.SocketFetcher.createSocket(SocketFetcher.java:321)
                                                      at com.sun.mail.util.SocketFetcher.getSocket(SocketFetcher.java:237)
                                                      at com.sun.mail.iap.Protocol.<init>(Protocol.java:116)
                                                      at com.sun.mail.imap.protocol.IMAPProtocol.<init>(IMAPProtocol.java:115)
                                                      at com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore.newIMAPProtoc...


                                                      Please check the e-mail account settings and the mail server for any problems. E-Mail will be checked again in 5 minutes, or when e-mail settings are updated to make a successful connection with your mailbox. Settings for this e-mail account are at Setup > E-Mail > Incoming Mail Accounts.

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                                                      I am having the same issue with version 12.4.2.

                                                      It has improved since we changed to IMAP, but we had to change ones of our addresses back to exchange because it was striping all the email address from any forwarded emails.

                                                      Quick resolution would be great

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                                                          Just reviewed the next version release notes, sounds like this will be fixed with the next release:


                                                          "Officially Building support for Office 365 - Many are using the MS-Exchange connector we had built for previous exchange versions and we are building in O365 support"








                                                          Web Help Desk is an important product in the SolarWinds portfolio. We have an engineering team dedicated to making improvements, adding features and fixing bugs.

                                                          As a mature product that satisfies the needs of most customers, the release cycle for this product will likely be slower than that of other products who are more quickly evolving. Our release cycles might be anywhere between 9 to 18 months depending on the number and complexity of the releases being added. SolarWinds is committed to Web Help Desk and will continue to improve it.


                                                          Here is a preview of some the features we are working on post v12.5;

                                                          • Unexpected Simplicity
                                                            • In product efficiency enhancements focusing on Assets, Ticketing, Reservations, PO
                                                              • Reservation capabilities within a ticket
                                                              • Drag and Drop functionality within Tickets and FAQ - Based on this Idea in Thwack
                                                              • Asset / PO Workflow Enhancement - Based on Feedback
                                                              • Enhanced Search
                                                                • Spotlight Searches within Modules - Example Adding a "General" Form Search box within Assets
                                                          • Application-Centric
                                                            • Multi-Tech per Ticket
                                                            • Parent / Child Time - Tracking
                                                            • Bar-code - Asset Management
                                                          • Asset UI Re-Work - Next Gen UI (as recently performed on Dashboards)
                                                          • IOS Application updates - More to come on this as we progress through iterations but first task is to update to run on IOS 10
                                                          • Officially Building support for Office 365 - Many are using the MS-Exchange connector we had built for previous exchange versions and we are building in O365 support
                                                          • AWS/Azure/Docker - Market place packaging making it easier to stand up in the cloud.
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                                                          Support is working on the issue.  I received a Buddy Drop file from them that has corrected my issue, however its not recommended for live production systems.  I can attest to the fact that what ever they did worked as i am no longer getting issues with connectivity.   But i took the risk and used the test files in my live system.   I got lucky.   But I would encourage you if you can to hold tight help is on the way. 

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                                                            fluffy midnight

                                                            If you didn't already know, the 12.5.1 (the latest release) officially supports Office365!


                                                            Release Notes for the update are found here: SolarWinds WHD 12.5.1 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


                                                            Doesn't seem to have any changes to the upgrade procedure too!

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