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    Description contents in Child Tickets


      Wondering why the decision was made to NOT include the Description contents in a Child Ticket. When we create a workflow and child tickets are created, it seems that about 99.9% of the time, having access to the Description contents would be beneficial to the tech who has the Child Ticket. Since techs have access to click the link to the parent ticket, they can still see the description, but it seems to be a waste of time and clicks.


      So, I was wondering the reason behind not including the description.


      Of course, also wondering why the Client is not part of a Child Ticket as well. I would at least appreciate a Task option of including the Client as part of the Child Ticket. That way the techs who get the Child Tickets can send Notes back to the Client. Clients at our site do not use Web Help Desk. Everything is done via email. So our Clients do not see the Child Tickets. Would be beneficial if the option to include correspondence with the client from a Child Ticket would be available.