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    Report CDP Neighbors


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to create a report to list CDP neighbors for our every Cisco nodes.

      I'm able to retrieve the Node ID, the Local Interface, the Remote Node, the remote Interface and the IP address of the remote node.


      SELECT cps.NodeID AS [Node], cps.Status AS [Local Interface], cdp.IPAddress AS [IP Address], cdp.DeviceId AS [Neighbor], cdp.DevicePort AS [Remote Interface]

      FROM Orion.NodeCdpEntry cdp

      INNER JOIN Orion.NPM.CustomPollerStatusOnNodeTabular cps

      ON cdp.NodeID = cps.NodeID

      WHERE cdp.IfIndex LIKE cps.RowID AND cdp.NodeID = ${NodeID}



      Now I would like to have the name of the Local Node instead of the Local Node ID, but I'm struggling with the SWQL query.


      Any idea on how to display the local Node name?


      Thanks in advance!