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    SAM 6.4 RC1


      So I did the upgrade last night.  Not bad.  The install went pretty smooth.  No hanging "Shutting down services" hang issue.  I used the mute alerts feature this way:


      You have to mute alerts first. 

      Take SW down.

      Then bring it back up.

      Poll all devices.

      And then unmute alerts


      Or you get all the “not polled in over 20 minutes” alerts and resets.


      So this worked out great.  After I was done, looked over everything and it looked good.  I only spent about 15 minutes looking.  It was a long day.  I look at my email this morning and I have over 10k emails.  No joke.  Not cool at all!!  The culprit was a SQL AppInsight alert that was not enabled before the upgrade.



      Now I like out-of-the box content and I like it to get added.  However, I don't want it to be enabled or re-enabled by default.  Add it and let us know that it is there, or after the upgrade, have us go to a page on first login where we are shown new alerts to enable.  I am positive this was disabled before this upgrade.  It shows off above, because I manually turned it off this morning.  And I know that at least one of these alerts were already there, but I believe one was added or at a minimum, turned back on.


      I like the Perfstack feature.  I don't really like how it, like NetPath, opens in a non-closable window.  I hate having to click the back button to get out of it.  I would also like the link to be called Perfstack, if that is what it is going to be called, instead of Performance Analysis.  I am being nit-picky here, but I don't really understand the reasoning.  NetPath didn't do this.  I like consistency, except for the non-closable window aspects that keep popping up.


      I also still don't see SQL AppInsight Database Instance component information showing in alert emails with the variable "Components with Problems" selected.  The alert fires based on a database instance component, but I have never see it in an email as to what instance has what problem.  I can click the link and it goes right to it.  So if I click it while the problem is still there, I can see it right away.  If I mouse over it shows the database instance as a component with problems under the specific instance.  If I don't click while the problem is still there, I have to dig for it.

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          I have confirmed that this was added AGAIN and enabled by default.  Here is the notification after the upgrade:


          I also noticed after seeing this that the second in this list was added again and enabled by default.  I had this turned off too, as I modified the out-of-the-box alert.  I really don't want alerts that I turned off, being added again and turned on by default.

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              I believe the default behavior is to re-add any missing out-of-the-box alerts in their default configuration each time the Configuration Wizard is run. You can disable the alert and change other configuration settings which will not be altered the next time the Configuration Wizard runs, but if the alert is missing entirely it will be re-added.