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    Issues upgrading lem


      Hi, I'm new to using Solarwinds, I've searched the web but haven't managed to find an answer, basically I'm trying to upgrade the LEM but the bit in the instructions that say 'follow the onscreen instructions' which I simply can't get to work.


      I've created a share on my local windows PC, shared with everyone, I then run the upgrade utility, I supply the share name, but then when asked for the username, all answers result in "Invalid username", are there any catches with the software, I assume the share would be of the format \\machinename\lem and the username using the format domainname\username  . My domain user does have a space in it, but I've tried, local users to no avail.


      As an aside, the whole point in upgrading this is to get the ability to monitor custom event logs, which I believe is possible, but can't find on our current version 6.1




      for any help