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    Difference between IPAM discovery poll and 'normal' poll causing an issue 'Destination unreachable (Protocol unreachable).


      Hi all,


      First, the preliminary info.  Orion Platform 2016.1.3, NPM 11.5.3, IVIM 2.1.1, QoE 2.0, UDT 3.2.2, IPAM 4.3 and NCM 7.4.  The issue.  When I go to IPAM and do a discovery scan on a subnet (in this case, a /24 subnet), the ICMP Data sent is 'Solarwinds.Net ICMP V2014.2.11.1229' for a total packet size of 35 Data bytes.  There are some field devices not liking this and looking in Wireshark, I get a response 'Destination unreachble (Protocol unreachable).  So, these live IP Addresses are not 'discovered'.  However, they are already in the system and pinging just fine with a regular node poll.  Looking at Wireshark again, Orion is using the 'standard' message of 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwabcdefghi' for a total of 32 Data bytes and the devices respond just fine.


      I searched through Thwack and the only reference I could find to this was to change the ICMP Data field under the Orion Polling Settings.  Although this does change the Data field on the 'normal' polls, it appears to have no effect at all on the IPAM Discovery poll.  If anyone has any insight into this (a solution would be ok too), I'd very much appreciate it.  The field devices are radios and I'm assuming that as some security measure, they may not be accepting ICMP pings with Data fields longer than 32 bytes (or not 'standard').


      Again, thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me on this.  mjl


      P.S. This is my first post so please let me know if I'm using the wrong area of the forum to post this.