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    SRM Alerts with host lun/information


      I am using the out-of-the-box lun latency alert. We have completed the headache of manually mapping E2E (there really needs to be GPT support) and now I would like to display that information in the alert.


      I have the following:


      Array: ${SQL: SELECT a.Name FROM dbo.[SRM_StorageArrays] a WHERE a.StorageArrayID = ${N=SwisEntity;M=StorageArrayID;F=OriginalValue} }

      LUN: ${N=SwisEntity;M=Name}

      LUN ID: ${N=SwisEntity;M=LUNID}

      Current Latency: ${N=SwisEntity;M=IOLatencyTotalThreshold.CurrentValue} ms


      It will display something like below:


      Array: 000198701500

      LUN: 00B16 Volume 00B16

      LUN ID: 299

      Current Latency: 3.83358979225159 ms


      I would like to get the host name and the drive this is actually mapped to in the alert but I am not seeing any variables to insert to accomplish this.