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    Delete all NCM configs/memberships?


      Long story short my network has gone through some major changes with my ISP now responsible for 99% of the configs I used to back up/monitor with NCM.


      How do I delete all NCM nodes/configs so I can start over and monitor the configs for the few I have left under my control/responsibility?


      I ask because about the time they took over last june, my configs stopped being saved by NCM. I didnt worry about it because I wasnt responsible for those configs anyway, but after a failure last week on one of the few devices I DO need config backups for, I realized its time to get it working again.


      Would uninstalling NCM and reinstalling help? Or would the NCM flags still be there in the database? I figured that starting over might be the easiest, plus that might "reboot" the config backups and make them start again.




      EDIT: I dont want to delete the nodes as I want to monitor them, I just want to remove the NCM portion of the management from them.

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          Select the nodes that you want to remove from NCM, go MORE ACTIONS > REMOVE NODES FROM NCM.


          The prompt will give you this message so be sure to backup your configs if you wish to keep them.


          Are you sure you want to remove selected nodes from NCM?

          After nodes are removed from NCM, all NCM Node history (such as backed up configs) will also be deleted.


          There is also an option to add them to NCM again.


          Was this what you were looking for?

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              Yes. Perfect. I hadnt checked out the more options yet. I only saw where you had to go into each node details and remove it there.


              And yes, I understand all the config details will disappear. I am no longer responsible for the configs, and the access to these devices is limited to the point that I no longer can access the configs. (I only have visibility to the interfaces, traffic, etc)


              I went from being responsible for nearly 50 device configs, down to 3. Its just easier to "shake the Etch a Sketch" and start over from scratch.