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    Prevent Tech From Closing A Specific Request Type


      Is there a way to prevent all tickets under a certain request type of Tech group from being closed? Meaning they would need to assign under the correct criteria before being able to close it.

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          No, this isn't really possible.


          You could create a Ticket Custom Field (like a dropdown for "Did you do the Thing?" with YES/NO/NO BUT I WILL LATER as the options).   You could assign that Ticket Custom Field to specific Request Type(s), and you could make it "required" for Techs and/or Clients.   


          BUT, the limitation here is that the "required" part of it is invoked for ANY edit of the ticket - not just the edit where you set the ticket to Closed...so if the Tech just wanted to enter a note.

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              Heh.. but if you wanted to get a little weird with it:


              You could set up an Action Rule that says (essentially):

              • [Action Rule Info tab]:  Evaluate Criteria only when the ticket was updated by a Tech
              • [Action Rule Info tab]:  Apply Action only if the Criteria did not match before the ticket was updated
              • [Criteria tab]:  Tickets matching ALL of these Criteria:
                      • Ticket is in Closed Status
                      • Ticket has the Custom Field "Did you do the Thing?" set to "NO BUT I WILL LATER"
              • [Action tab]:  Change Status of ticket to Open   (or Assigned or InProgress or whatever status makes sense)


              That would basically force the techs to update that custom field if they want to close it.

              Possible caveat:   depending on how things are configured, this might send emails to Techs and/or Clients when the status changes...

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