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    NPM 12.1 RC Upgrade / Netpath


      I did the NPM 12.1 RC upgrade this weekend on two different main pollers.  In both cases, the installs didn't have any issues.  I noticed some had issues with services not shutting down, etc...but mine seemed ok.  I did recently rebuild my main poller, and that could have helped.


      I also did the SAM 6.4 RC on one of them, and it seemed to install fine as well.


      I have ran into this issue on both though, and I am looking for any assistance:

      NetPath has stopped working, I only see red now.


      They were both were working previous to the upgrade, but now both servers have no data on their Netpath entries.


      Did I miss something?  The paths didn't change after the upgrade.

      I do not recall see any updates to Netpath during the install, so that might be it too.