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    When a node goes down, how might one configure NPM or NCM to perform an action on a different node?


      I have two ASA's configured in active-standby mode.  There's a known Cisco bug that causes the standby node to occasionally show "down" and fail to respond to pings.  The node's not really down, but it "appears" down, even though it's ready to take over in the event of the active ASA failing.


      Until Cisco fixes the bug, I manually ssh to the active ASA and issue the "write standby" command, and the standby bounces its ports and comes back "up", and Orion NPM shows it's available again.  Alternately, the standby will appear "up" after anytime someone makes a configuration change to the active ASA and write to memory.


      I'd like to built an Action that would automatically issue the "write standby" command to the active ASA whenever the standby ASA is reported "down."


      Is this possible?


      If so, how would this accomplished?