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    NCM Review

      1. What industry is your company in? Surgical Center Management Firm
      2. How large is your IT shop? Medium (251 – 2000 elements)
      3. Which SolarWinds product are you writing this review for?NCM
      4. What problem were you trying to solve when you purchased? A way to be able to grab the config from every cisco equipment that we have in our environment
      5. Did you consider options other than SolarWinds? Who?No I used Solarwinds with a pervious company and love it.
      6. How are you using the product and what benefits have you seen?I am able to keep a monitor up with solorwinds running and it tells me what device is having issues or what is having memory or cpu issues. Also it will send me an email of sites that go down incase im not at my computer to see it. Also lets me know when it comes back up with an email.