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    Support for Nutanix Monitoring


      I wanted to know if there are plans to support Nutanix monitoring.

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          I second this. 

          We are planning a migration off of our existing infrastructure across to Nutanix and would love to be able to continue to monitor the stack down to the storage level. 

          We have added our current Nutanix nodes using custom pollers so far but it does not give us the level of monitoring that we have been used to with out NetApp storage in Solarwinds (Although it's worth mentioning that Nutanix do have this covered exceptionally well themselves for their own stack).


          Any plans or road maps around SRM integration with Nutanix as a storage appliance would be greatly received.



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            There is support for monitoring Nutanix.



            Through the UnDP package SolarWinds NPM administrators are now able to monitor Nutanix objects and components such as clusters, containers, storage pools and disks; and are also able to oversee important metrics such as latency, IOPs and bandwidth utilization.


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              Is there any likely update for this request?


              We are migrating to Nutanixs next year with intention of moving off of VMware onto AHV as well. Assuming this migration goes well its possible we will migrate another datacenter to Nutanix, that current DC uses a Storwize V7000 which SRM supports (happily running a trial at the moment) but I can't push for us to purchase SRM if it cannot be used or is unneeded if Nutanix replaces the existing solution within 16 months.