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    Backup for Solarwinds ORION server  SQL server and NETflow storage server


      Hi everyone,


      We have plan to implement Solarwinds NMS with following modules NPM, NTA, VNQM, SAM, SCM, NTP and WHD.

      All of these above modules in one server which has two VM one for ORION and one for WHD.

      We have also two more server one for SQL and one for Netflow storage.

      So we have three servers for NMS, and we have a requirement for backup of these servers.

      Please suggest that how to backup a NMS what is the requirement for the backup, how much storage we required for backup.

      In our scenario we have 8 routers, 130 switches , 200 ip phones, 200 PC , 20 servers, and less than 700 used interfaces.

      Waiting for your quick reply. Thanks