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    Help creating a custom report for percentage of total traffic to a few IPs




      We are currently evaluating NTA and NPM. As part of this evaluation, I have been trying to familiarize myself with the report builder as one of the main reasons we are looking at NTA is to do reporting on netflow statistics. What I am currently trying to accomplish is to create a custom report (ideally a pie chart, although if that's not possible a bar graph would be fine) that shows what percentage of our total traffic is going to a one of our sites, which is represented by three public IPs. I know that I can create IP groups and applications to help narrow down the data selection for just those three IPs, but I am struggling with how to display this information as a total percentage of all of the traffic. For example, if I choose "application is equal to my_site_name", where my_site_name is defined as an application with source IP address group of public and destination IP address group of the three site IPs, that will just give me that traffic, and not relate it to a percentage of the total traffic.


      I also have a few other questions


      -is there an address group defined for public IP addresses? I had to create my own which seems odd; I would think that a public IP group would be a pretty standard request


      -I also wanted to create a report that showed all of the conversations from our wired client network to public IPs. I did this via defining an address group for the private wired client range, and then defining an application called "wired to public" which had all ports with a source of the wired client IP address group to a destination of the public IP address group that I had mentioned earlier. Was the the best way to go about doing this?


      -Is there an easy way/wizard to just filter the entire database of netflow conversations based on a given time period, and then on source/destination IP addresses, or an IP address, or a specific port, etc. instead of having to create a report for each of those scenarios? Right now we use fluke netflow analyzer, and while it is very limited compared to solarwinds, the reporting wizard allows all of these things to be selected via drop downs and text fields which makes it very easy to use. I would expect solarwinds to have a similar wizard or functionality, but I have not been able to find anything like that so far.


      Let me know if I need to provide additional clarification for anything. Thanks for the help.