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    [Request] Wireless Client Tracking (Adv SQL Queries)


      Looking for some assistance creating a query for wireless clients. I've looked around and found several queries that are helpful, but not quite what I need or maybe I can tweak what I'm looking for based on some of your guys/gals assistance.


      1st- Ideally what I would like: Customizable SQL query, to specify users that report issues with wireless. Report would contain Session IDs or some other way to show the handoff or signal drops from APs. User name / signal strength/ tx / rx


      2nd - I am by no means even a beginner with SQL but I came up with this which pretty much contains what I need, but it does not include the AP associated with. My attempts at joining tables to report the AP have gone absolutely haywire. Any insight would be extremely helpful.



      cl.firstupdate as time,








      FROM Wireless_Clientshistory cl

      where cl.Name like 'USER HERE' and (cl.FirstUpdate BETWEEN DATEADD(day, -1, getdate() ) and getdate() )

      order BY cl.firstupdate desc


      3rd- I found a similar report, but this one averages signal strength for each client, I'm looking for almost a polling instance of an individual client as they roam between APs. Thanks for any help ahead of time.