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    HP ProCurve - Hardware status Undefined


      We've recently added a few HP Procurve 5406zlR2 (J9850a) chassis switches to our network. I've added them to NPM ok, and the interface stats and metrics are polling fine. One thing that isn't working though is the 'Overall hardware status' information which always shows as 'Undefined'. I've tried adjusting polling settings, changing from SNMPv2c to SNMPv1 but no change. The previous gen model (J8697a) work fine. The SysObjectID of the new switch is

      Is this anything to do with NPM MIBS not being aware of the new SysObjectID? I'd really like to get this sorted.



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          It seems likely that the MIB is no longer valid in the new switch.  I suggest a MIB walk and see if its been moved to a different OID, if indeed it's there at all.

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            tonybarrett , What firmware are you running on this troublesome switch? I have 4 of these switches, and they're all working just fine.  I have one that is not reporting hardware health, which is running on v16.02.0014.

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                I am also having issues with hardware health reporting on new gen chassis running firmware v16.02.0013.  Version k.15.04.0015m works just fine on previous gen chassis for us.

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                  You have 5400R series chassis switches that are reporting hardware health? 


                  This doesn't work for us here.  From what the Solarwinds Support Tech said, the Hardware health sensors is a part of SAM?  and we would have to create Universal Device Pollers.  However, when we went through the process on the webex, he said he couldn't help us in polling the hardware health sensors information.


                  I have a feature request submitted through our account and there is also some threads that reference this as an issue elsewhere.  Who knows when that will gain any traction. 

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                      From what I've been able to track down, and have stopped looking for more information on this, it really depends on HP firmware version. They changed something in a later firmware update, and it killed hardware health monitoring. Yeah, SolarWinds wants you to build all this custom stuff and I got tired of fiddling with it.  They want to blame HP, and HP doesn't really respond on this issue, so I'm not sure what else can be done.


                      I don't have time to uber-customize my SolarWinds environment, so I guess this will become an issue when a fan blows itself out and management starts asking why we didn't know it was failing.