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    Agent Status- Unknown




      Today I faced a Weird issue, All the Agents(~500) status turned to unknown, However the polling was fine,We were receiving alerts, I couldn't find any issues in agent logs as well.


      So I restarted all the services in the main polling engine, Still it was showing as unknown. When I checked the Main polling engine performance almost it was running 90% of memory(I have assigned 24 GB RAM) usually it would be around 50%-60%. I quickly tried to restart the main polling engine and yes after that all the agents status became OK.


      Below are my questions,


      Has anyone faced this issue earlier?

      What is the cause of this problem?

      Even if the agent status is unknown, Will it still collect the stats?

      How long can an agent hold the data in cache?



      I am running below versions

      Orion Platform 2016.2.100, NPM 12.0.1, SAM 6.3.0, DPA 10.2.0, VNQM 4.2.4, IVIM 2.1.2, NetPath 1.0.1, QoE 2.2.0, SRM 6.3.0, NCM 7.5, NTA 4.2.0