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    Best practice for handling nodes intended to be down normally in NPM?


      Here's my situation:


      One of our clients have implemented backup internet circuits that are normally programmed to be down, as they are metered internet circuits that charge by the gigabyte. However, if the main internet circuit goes down, the router is programmed to bring the metered circuit up. The client wants alerts for when these circuits come online.


      I have setup an alert for when one of these nodes go up, and made them differentiateable from other nodes via custom property. That part was easy. (For reference: Node's normal condition is down, how to deal with that in NPM ) My question is there's anyway to make these nodes visually distinct from other nodes? They are suppose to be down, and it can be confusing to my teams to see a red down node icon for a down node that is normally supposed to be down instead of up.


      Ideally I would like these nodes to appear different from the others, like a different icon set that looks different from most other nodes. Is there a known way to accomplish this? Searching on Thwack I come across a lot of articles for using custom icons in Network Atlas, but I had trouble finding anything for NPM.