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    SRM doesn't feel well integrated into Orion


      We recently deployed SRM into our Orion environment where we already have NPM, SAM, NCM and IPAM and it feels like SRM is not well integrated into Orion.  A few of the things I have noticed thus far are as follows:


      • The performance graphs don't have an export button so you can see different date/time ranges for performance data
      • When storage systems are added into SRM they are not added into Orion for the collection of other basic metrics such as memory, CPU, latency, etc.
      • When I go to the Manage Storage Objects view I can't add new columns for the different properties and custom properties like I can in the Managed Nodes section of Orion


      I would love to see SolarWinds make this feel like a more integrated component of Orion by addressing some of these issues.