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    integrate 3rd party patching with patch tuesday...




      I will freely admit that I am new to Solarwinds Patch Manager and still feeling my way round i was just curious how easy it would be to link 3rd Party Patches to our current MS Patch Tuesday plans and ongoing device collection?


      For the last 4 years I have been running our software and patch deployment through K1000 (which leverages Lumension for patch management and deployment) we are moving to SCCM, I am hoping we can look to integrate to two areas of patching to streamline their deployment for our end users...





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          Solarwinds has some third party software that it will release and there are also a few others like adobe that have catalogs you can pull patches from into patch manager.  When they are released, you publish them to WSUS (or SCCM though I dont use it so im not sure if it goes to SCCM directly or still WSUS) and then they get deployed just like any other windows update.  You can control what gets published and when and release them on whatever schedule you would like.  You CAN create your own patches for just about any software but for new users it can be difficult to get the rules right at first.  For instance Dassault has a 2D cad program called draftsight that goes along with solidworks and there is a needed hotfix so I created an update that will go out to all users with the software installed just through windows update.