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    LEM agent unable to connect Manager


      Installed LEM agent on windows 7, but on the LEM manager can't discover the node. It seems there is a communication problem between agent and LEM appliance.


      Below is a bit of the log event from the spoplog.txt file



      (Wed Feb 15 18:27:35 CST 2017) WW:WARNING [NioComNetworkParent] {ComModuleSpop:21} Install request completed (not installed)

      (Wed Feb 15 18:35:35 CST 2017) WW:WARNING [NioComNetworkParent] {ComModuleSpop:21} Making install request to:

      (Wed Feb 15 18:36:35 CST 2017) EE:ERR [NioComNetworkParent] {ComModuleSpop:21} EXCEPTION: {}

      java.io.EOFException: null

          at java.io.ObjectInputStream$BlockDataInputStream.peekByte(ObjectInputStream.java:2626) ~[na:1.8.0_92]

          at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readObject0(ObjectInputStream.java:1321) ~[na:1.8.0_92]

          at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readObject(ObjectInputStream.java:373) ~[na:1.8.0_92]

          at com.trigeo.core.communications.common.ComNetworkParent.writeMessageToCommandChannel(ComNetworkParent.java:778) [lem_core.jar:]

          at com.trigeo.core.communications.common.ComNetworkParent.sendParentViaCommandChannelForResponse(ComNetworkParent.java:241) [lem_core.jar:]

          at com.trigeo.core.communications.common.ComNetworkParent.installRequest(ComNetworkParent.java:166) [lem_core.jar:]

          at com.trigeo.core.communications.common.ComModule.autoInstall(ComModule.java:409) [lem_core.jar:]

          at com.trigeo.core.communications.common.ComModule.setUp(ComModule.java:266) [lem_core.jar:]

          at com.trigeo.core.communications.spop.ComModuleSpop.run(ComModuleSpop.java:151) [lem_core.jar:]

          at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [na:1.8.0_92]

          at com.trigeo.util.TriGeoThread.run(TriGeoThread.java:52) [lem_util.jar:]

      (Wed Feb 15 18:36:35 CST 2017) WW:WARNING [NioComNetworkParent] {ComModuleSpop:21} Install request completed (not installed)



      Any ideas?

        • Re: LEM agent unable to connect Manager

          A couple things to check here....

          First verify that the agent service is actually running on the machine.

          Check the spop.conf file in the same directory as your log file you posted and make sure that the manager address is correct (should be the IP or hostname of the LEM)

          If you are using the hostname of LEM make sure that the agent node can resolve the hostname of LEM.