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    NCM - Interfaces Status in Config change templates


      Hi Everybody,


      I would create a script with config change template according the vlanID and PortStatus of the interfaces

      But i don't have any informations about interfaces when i want select them :

      how can i had the informations about interfaces in NCM ?

      how can i configure it ?


      Thanks for your Help !!



        • Re: NCM - Interfaces Status in Config change templates

          Hi Thibaut


          To see the current VLAN and Port Status, you need to adjust the following:

          Go to Settings -> NCM settings

          in the section NCM Node Management go to Node Inventory Settings.

          There you have to select Extend VLANs inventory which is disabled by default.


          After you run the inventory job you'll see the VLAN assignment and the Port status.

          But this works only for Cisco devices - or, to be more specific: for devices which respond to the CISCO-VLAN-MEMBERSHIP-MIB

          I just had to learn this, because not all of our devices are Cisco.


          Also keep in mind that these VLAN-IDs you get are only the ones which were collected during the last inventory job.