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    Compliance Report Customisation


      Like to ask if any one managed to create a customised compliance report with NPM's custom property information tagged in the report?

      As of now, we have to export 1 compliance report and 1 NPM Node report then merge via vlookup in excel to obtain the information.

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          mikenai Can you please provide an example of some of the details you are looking to see in the results? There are many things you can do with SWQL or SQL queries. If you can provide some more details, we might be able to figure something out for you.



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              Oh yea, totally forgot about SWQL queries.


              I have the following custom properties for nodes (NPM)



              and there is a long laundry list of policies and rules for Compliance report (NCM)


              Basically i just need to slot in between the compliance report with Product and ProductModule Custom Properties to sort data out easier.

              Compared to building different permutations of Custom Properties report that we have in our environment.