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    Automate "import spreadsheet" process


      Hi Everybody, I am new to IPAM, but I have some experience with powershell.


      I am able to query the database and create my own reports.


      He have added some fields to IPAM in order to populate those fields different departments send us a CSV file with the ip address and the field to populate. We want to do the Import -> spreadsheet an automated process.


      Could someone point me to an example? I try the documentation but is very hard to find.

      can this be done? since I have trying UPDATING the database with no success.


      my goal after that is to share a folder in the server, the users will copy their CSVs there and run a powershell script to do some validations and then update the customized fields in IPAM


      thank you!

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          Which SWIS entity i.e. database table you would like to update?


          Unfortunately it seems that IPAM does not support update of entity IPAM.IPNode (mapped to DB table IPAM_Node) or custom properties trough SWIS in current version.


          It is always possible to update data directly in the database. I found IP address related data are in DB table IPAM_Node and custom IP adress data are stored in IPAM_NodeAttrData table.

          Please be aware that accessing DB directly is not recommended and dangerous.