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    Backup Interfaces - Node Health showing red


      We have a ton of devices with redundant backup interfaces - such as digi router with dual wireless interfaces. Typically 1 PPP will be up, the other will be down. If 1 loses signal it will use bank 2. What I would like to do is unmanage the non-active interface or down state.


      Basically I want to monitor both of them but don't want the node level health to be affected. I have the same issue with other devices that have a backup VPN tunnel that goes active when another tunnel goes down.


      How does everyone else deal with this? Besides the manage/un-manage this also skews our alerts as we get bogus ones when the "down" backup interface is triggering. I wont be able to say bank 1 vs 2 in alert logic to say if Bank 1 is up and bank 2 is down do nothing.