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    Netflow Exports


      Hello Thwack Community,


      This is my first post so I will attempt to be susinct.


      Environment Objective:

      I have an environment hosting 11 Orion NFA's.  Within the infrastructure I have a singular cisco device (cisco 3945) that I am attemping to export flows from, to all 11 Orion NFA's.



      -I attempted standard netflow configuration and that limits me to 2 flow export destinations

      -I attempted cisco's Flexible netflow, but that limits me to 4 flow export destinations (per interface)


      Attempted solutions:

      -First I exported (via flexible netflow) my flows via a single exporter to a multicast destination address, and then transported all flow data to the Orion NFA servers, but of course they don't associate that multicast destination address with a node so the flow doesn't register. (Not sure if this is a program limitation, or perhaps I just need to initiate the appropriate IGMP-JOIN from the NFA).

      -Second I worked on doing a static multicast to unicast nat translation, via an intermediary router, however that resulted in finding another limitation of only one such translation statement being permitted to exist on the device (regardless of nat statement vrf assignment, for those who might be thinking about that).



      Is there a way to accomplish my objective within Orion NFA?  Perhaps associating a node netflow receive with that multicast address?


      Thanks, I look forward to discussion!