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    When you run a query that times out in SWQL studio the NPM server continues to use up all the memory in the system, at what point should I expect this to release?


      Looking for some feedback from the devs or maybe someone who has had the patience to experiment and test how this thing works.


      I write a lot of custom SWQL queries and I've noticed that if I write a query that tries to pull too many records and times out in SWQL Studio it seems like the SWIS information service just runs away using all the memory on the NPM server and jams the whole thing up.  I'm usually writing these on me lab server so I just get impatient and bounce the processes and start working on the next thing.  Obviously I don't want to be bouncing the services in production every time I my query gets out of hand so I figure I should figure out what happens if I don't bounce the service.


      I'm assuming that despite the timeout in SWQL studio the information service itself is still crunching away at whatever query i fed it?  Does it ever have an internal time out and if it does ever finish the query does it eventually release the memory it gobbled up?  If it doesn't then maybe the SWQL Studio would benefit from having a "Select top 1000" pre populated in the queries the same way database manager and SSMS do.