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    Job Scheduler v2 Results Notify error skyrocketing




      I am running several APEs all on 2016.2 and on most of the devices from one particular APE, I am getting blotchy charts, missing data, and the Job Scheduler v2 Results Notify Error climbs at a rate of about 300 a second for hours. The Application monitor for Orion sits at around 50K.


      I have rebooted 3 times (ape and primary poller)

      I have checked to verify that the "Count stat as difference" is checked.

      Validated connectivity and ports between APE and primary poller, and APE and SQL


      This started when I upgraded the APE from core 2016.1 to 2016.2.

      I have been unable to find what is causing this and I don't see any documentation or discussions that point me in any direction.


      When I run the configuration wizard on the APE it only runs through the program improvement 2.0. It's been a while since we've had to do anything with the APEs (they have just been working), so I can't remember if the config wizard went through the same process as the primary poller, i.e. Database, Services, Website, minus the website, or if this is normal operation.


      Has anyone seen anything like this?