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    Node and Interface Status possible field values




      I'd like to get a list of the possible Status field values for both the Node and Interface entities.


      Does anyone have such a list or could assist on this please?


      For example I have part of a SWQL query below which is excluding Nodes and Interfaces based on certain numbered status values and I'd like to understand exactly what is happening:


      T1.Node.Status NOT IN ('11', '9', '12') AND T1.Status NOT IN ('9', '12')




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          Jeff Catlin

          This information is available in the statusinfo table in the DB.


          9 - unmanaged

          11 - external

          12 - unreachable

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              Thanks Jeff - I didn't stop that table, which is also available via the API.


              Would I be correct in assuming that the entries in this table cover both Nodes and Interfaces?

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                  Nodes, interfaces, applications, volumes, almost anything else in Orion, i think possible netpath statuses aren't in there but i havent checked in a bit.

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                        If it helps here is the complete contents of that table:


                                                                      StatusID StatusName                                               ShortDescription                                      

                                                                        -------- ----------                                               ----------------                                      

                                                                               0 Unknown                                                  Unknown                                               

                                                                               1 Up                                                       Up                                                    

                                                                               2 Down                                                     Down                                                  

                                                                               3 Warning                                                  Warning                                               

                                                                               4 Shutdown                                                 Shutdown                                              

                                                                               5 Testing                                                  Testing                                               

                                                                               6 Dormant                                                  Dormant                                               

                                                                               7 NotPresent                                               Not Present                                           

                                                                               8 LowerLayerDown                                           Lower Layer Down                                      

                                                                               9 Unmanaged                                                Unmanaged                                             

                                                                              10 Unplugged                                                Unplugged                                             

                                                                              11 External                                                 External                                              

                                                                              12 Unreachable                                              Unreachable                                           

                                                                              14 Critical                                                 Critical                                              

                                                                              15 PartlyAvailable                                          Partly Available                                      

                                                                              16 Misconfigured                                            Misconfigured                                         

                                                                              17 Undefined                                                Could Not Poll                                        

                                                                              19 Unconfirmed                                              Unconfirmed                                           

                                                                              22 Active                                                   Active                                                

                                                                              24 Inactive                                                 Inactive                                              

                                                                              25 Expired                                                  Expired                                               

                                                                              26 MonitoringDisabled                                       Monitoring Disabled                                   

                                                                              27 Disabled                                                 Disabled                                              

                                                                              28 NotLicensed                                              Not Licensed                                          

                                                                              29 OtherCategory                                            Other                                                 

                                                                              30 NotRunning                                               Not Running