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    Switiching from WSUS to SCCM add in


      Newbie question here:

      Initially set up our patch manager server to use the WSUS environment. We realize that we want to use the SCCM environment now instead. Is there a way to switch the connector without uninstalling the system and reinstalling it?


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          You can add multiple WSUS servers to one Patch Manager console.   If you are using SCCM to deploy Windows Updates in the future, that uses a WSUS server also (they just call it a Software Update Point (SUP), so you can just add that in by going to Update Services and adding it there.  Be sure to make sure you point it to the right port when you add it (the default will be 80, but often the SUP is using 8530).


          You'll also need to add a connection to the SCCM Site Server in Patch Manager.   You likely won't have the option to do so by default, so you'll need to go to Patch Manager System Configuration -> Select Products and Features.  It will give you a little dialog with two checkboxes for WSUS and SCCM and most likely the SCCM one will currently be unchecked.  You'll want to make sure both of them are checked, save that, then restart the console and you'll have an option in the left-side menu for system center site server and you'll run the little wizard there to add it.



          Last thing to mention would be that with SCCM, Patch Manager can actually integrate a 3rd party updates view into the SCCM 2012 console.  This happens when you install the Patch Manager console onto a machine that already has the SCCM console.   You can view the packages there and also publish the packages from there if you'd like.  You'd still have to do the stuff from the previous paragraph (adding the site server & WSUS server to the patch manager console) before the SCCM 2012 console stuff will work.

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