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    Help with CC email in request type


      I currently have this enabled for request types and it is auto filling in an email address of my boss. I was wondering how we can get this CC field to auto fill other email address's? I must have just set up him at first but now I cannot remember how to change it to add other emails?




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          Under Setup>Companies and locations>departments, we setup the department heads, and it will always CC those users department heads of the users assigned to the departments.  Also any user copied on the original email will always be copied. 

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            Barry Harris

            If I understand the issue correctly, it is the email address created in Incoming Email Account/s, see the blue info note below that is associated with the Request Type identified in the "Request Type" field below


            Here you can change the Request Type to any request Type that is associated with the Tech Group listed or, if you do not list a Tech Group, you can select whichever request type you prefer.


            The screenshot below shows the Tech Group, its associated Request Type and the Incoming Email Account that the Request Type is associated with. This may not be what you needed but I hope it helps.