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    NTA Percent Utilization Reporting


      Okay I give up trying to find out the correct way of creating NTA report that will tells me about how much percent utilization of my interface bandwidth.

      The only reports I can manage to create is to tell how much bytes of an application that is passing through an interface within a specified time range but I don't get the idea how much it utilizes my bandwidth.


      What I want is to create a report that will tells me an average percent of my interface utilization within a specified time range, and then breaks down the utilization itself into list of applications and its corresponding percent utilization. For example: let's say I got average 75% bandwidth utilization within the last 24 hours, then using this report I can know that the 75% consists of 30% application A, 15% application B, 20% application C, and 5% others (application A, B, and C has been predefined in monitoring settings).


      It's a very simple requirement and I know software as complex as Solarwinds NTA should have this capability, it's just I can't find the way to create a report for this. Tried using Orion object netflow by history, netflow by interface history, etc... but all I can get is the amount of bytes through! Not even I can get it to show the transmit/receive rate of an application.


      Please kindly advise.

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          Because there's still no answer, I think i am gonna bump this thread and providing more details of what I really want.

          So if we look at the web gui, we have this nice graph showing data rate and percent utilization on the web gui widget, how can we have this in reporting??? All i can find in the netflow reporting is total bytes


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              They kind of hide this from you inside the UI but those values are coming from two completely different sources.  Netflow protocol does not carry any information about bandwidth of the interfaces or percent utilization, so NPM grabs it from SNMP to put on the page.  Depending on how you have things set up those two value may not always be 100% the same.  Look under the interface traffic history tables to get the historical utilization info, but don't be freaked out of there are a few percent of difference between what measured flow bytes shows versus what snmp says since the times won't line up exactly and such.

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