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    "Taking the Stress Out of IP Address Management" Q&A recap and link to recorded webinar


      Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar.  Our apologies again for those who had technical difficulties joining the broadcast. Please see the following link to view the recorded version of webcast:  http://embed.vidyard.com/share/TPTxvR3Hrn1aUAEy2Zi5zL  Also please see below questions and answers from the webinar.  If you have further IP address management questions, please let us know.


      • Why doesn’t there seem to be full integration into NPM as I have nodes with IPs in there but they don’t show as used in IPAM unless someone set it? Just seems odd with all the data collected already, feel like there should be an option to enable it.
        We are always trying to improve our cross-module integration. I have taken this as a Feature Request and will discuss it with the team.


      • Are other DHCP vendors, such as InfoBlox, being considered as additional options?
        Yes, if you have other vendors you would like to see IPAM support, please create a feature request on thwack or contact the IPAM PM at connie.dowdle@solarwinds.com


      • Can we use IPAM to get detail on live user?
        Yes, if you have UDT, IPAM will automatically add UDT users and switch port columns to your IP address view.
      • Is the IPAM a separately licensed module we have to purchase? Or is it an import from the tool set I already have?
        IPAM is a separately licensed module, and you can find pricing/licensing information here.


      • What is the difference between this product to the Microsoft IPAM?
        Microsoft IPAM doesn’t support multiple forest ADs or multiple vendors (strictly Microsoft). Other limitations include fault notification and alerts and the lack of a single console.



      • On the IP schemes do you have a location for Vlans and Vlan description?

              Yes, we have fields for that in the subnet properties.


      • Is IPAM supported on HA?
        Yes, if you’re running other SolarWinds products on Orion Core 2016.2 (e.g., NPM 12.0.1, SAM 6.3…) For IPAM standalone, this is on the current roadmap.


      • Does the IPAM have to be installed n dedicated server or can be installed on ADDS/DNS?
        We recommend installing IPAM on its own server, with the IPAM database hosted separately, on its own SQL Server.


      • When using Windows 2012 R2 DHCP servers and leveraging the failover capability, would you add all DHCP servers within SolarWinds or only the current primary servers?
        This is not currently supported, but I have this as a feature request that I am watching. As a workaround, they can still use split-scope functionality for failover configuration. Check out this article on thwack.