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    Monthly Reporting web page


      In a much older version of NPM, I created a web page that, once opened, would go out and pull all of my monthly reporting graphs so I just had to open the page on the first of the month and copy/paste the graphs into managements preferred document (excel spreadsheet, word docs, etc).  To get the links, I just right clicked on a graph, chose copy link address and pasted it into the html for the img.  However, in the new versions of NPM, it looks like the graphs aren't static images so this type of report creation isn't working.  Anyone have an idea of how I can either made a custom view where I can add in a device and the stats I need from that device or how I can pull static images from Orion to create these reports?


      Information needed - on most core devices, I need to gather cpu, memory, latency, and traffic data from a couple of key interfaces.

      on most access devices, I need to just pull the traffic data from a couple of key interfaces.


      The page layout was very simple and all charts were for the last 3 months.


      device name 1                                   device name 2

      cpu chart, memory chart                    cpu chart, memory chart

      interface x chart                                 interface y chart


      device name 3

      interface z chart