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    How to setup an Approval ticket flow?


      I'm looking for some help in setting up a ticket that get created using the Approval flow.  Here is how my schools are setup.  In WHD, I have each school setup as a Location, with rooms.  Each users is inserted into their schools location.  The teachers are setup to print to a copier queue in each building.  My teachers have so much money in their copy/print accounts.  When they are out of copies the procedure is to ask the principal for copies, then the principal contacts the IT dept to add more copies to the user.


      Here is the scenario that I'm hoping to get setup.


      In building A.  Teacher 1 puts in a ticket requesting that his/her copy count be reset.  That ticket goes to building A's principals, they review the request.  If it is approved, the ticket is then sent on to the IT dept.  If the principal denies the request, the ticket is returned back to user.


      Any help would be appreciated.  I'm at a lose of where to even start.


      Note:  I'm using version 12.4.1 - Build #





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          OK, so you already have Clients (end-users) assigned to their Location - that's a good first step!


          I'll assume that you have a Request Type created named "Copy Count Reset" or something like that so that Teachers can select that when they need more copies.    Side note:  if desired, you could create a Ticket Custom Field that has a dropdown or text entry field so they can select how many copies they are requesting (only if you want to present such an option to them, of course).


          So the main piece is creating an Approval Process and you will also need to create a Role for each Location that the approval process will use to figure out who to send the approval piece to.


          We'll start with the role piece first:

          • Go to Setup -> Processes -> Approver Roles and click New
          • You'll get a dialog page and at the top you will be on the Location Approver Roles tab (which is good - that's where you want to be).   Enter a name like Principal or School Principal or Copy Count Approver (whatever makes the most sense for you) and click "Save"; it should then show up like this:school approval 01.png
          • Next we'll go to Location Approvers there on the left, and we'll click one of the Location names and then we'll click the "Add Role" button.  That will give us a dialog where we can say what Client (end user) holds that Role at that Location by searching for them.   In this case i went to Location Approvers and clicked the "Banana Stand" location to open it.   Now I am going to click Henry Faber to add him as having the Principal role for that Location:


          • I would then repeat that for each of my Locations so that they each have a Principal role assigned. Here is how that might look:
            school approval 02.png


          Next, we'll create the Approval Process, so:

          • Go to Setup -> Processes -> Approval Processes and click "New"
            • Give the Approval Process a name on that first tab.  You'll also want to set what notifications you want to provide on that tab:

               school approval 03.png

            • When you click Save on that tab you'll see that it adds another couple of tabs to the Approval process.
            • Go to the "Approval Steps" tab and click New
            • We'll give this step a name like "copy count approval" (doesn't really matter what we name it since for this approval process we will only have one step)
            • For this step, we will click the radio button for "Location Approver" and then for the "Location Approver" box that appears we will choose "Principal" and then we will Save this step.  it will look something like this:

                         school approval 04.png


          • Last thing to do is to modify the Request Type(s) that need approval to use that Approval Process that we made.   You'll just go to Setup -> Tickets -> Request Types -> [select your Copy Count Reset Request Type]



          That should pretty much be it.   in short, we created an Approval Process that looks up who is the Principal at each Location when someone from that Location submits a specific type of ticket.

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