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    How to Add a Tab to a Single Node


      Hello, I am trying to tab (to left hand navigation pane) for a specific node. However each time I add the tab it adds to all nodes managed by Orion. Any suggestions? I'm sure it is fairly simple but seem to be over looking something.



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          You can make a copy of the standard Node Details view, add the tab to that view and then go to Edit on the node and tell it to use the modified view

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            You need to understand that node details page, stats page whatever you see in Solarwinds is actually one of the View already created. Mostly Default View appears -  and if you add one tab on any node using default view then you are making changes to the default view not on the node. Which means same tab will be visible for all the nodes that are using same view (default or any other specific).


            How to find out what view type node is using - go to manage nodes > search node IP or Hostname > Edit node.



            Now in order to fullfill you need, you have to choose whether you want to have that tab on just one node or for all. if for all then simply modify the tab on one node and it will automatically be visible on all other nodes using same view type. If need only on one node then follow below steps.


            1. Go to Settings > Manage Views /Views > duplicate and edit default view > give it a unique name other than default and add whichever tab you want to create.

            2. Edit particular node > drill down and select created view. its done.


            There are other ways also for changing views from settings page and to visualize how many nodes using which type of view. Good Luck.