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    GarrettCom switches: Unable to log in to all switches which have same configs via SNMPv3


      I have a weird situation, which might require some background, so here's the background:


      We have several GarrettCom switches, all of which are currently being monitored via SNMPv3 by our OLD (10.1.3) version of SolarWinds NPM. Last week, we set up a parallel instance of SolarWinds for the purpose of migration. One of the things I'm trying to get moved over is these GarrettCom switches. I have them all available in the new NPM via ICMP, and am trying to get them monitored via SNMPv3. The GarrettComs all have the same SNMP config.


      So the weird thing is that I can log into some switches and not others via SNMPv3, and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I have set up an SNMPv3 saved credential set, so it's using the exact same credentials for each, and both configs show the same when I do a "show config" command on the switches. I have them configured the same in NPM in both the old and new version, and it matches what is in the switch configs. The SNMPv3 test fails on one and passes on the other.


      In terms of SNMPv3, it's a pretty simplistic configuration. All we are really using is a username and password. We're not setting contexts or anything like that. The password is the same on all switches. All the switches are on the same /24 subnet, and ACLs should be allowing all SNMP traffic from the new server to all switches.


      I just can't figure out why I can log into one switch but not into the other.