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    Get Smart Card Authentication failed in MiniRemote


      I have Dameware 32 bit running on 64bit Windows 7 and the remote clients are all 64bit Windows 7 machines.


      It seems when I login to some of our remote computers I get an Smart Card Authentication failed error:


      "System error: -2146435069, Remote Message: System Error: -2146435069. System message: the supplied handle was invalid."

      The corresponding Windows Application logs show: "System error 10014, event id 110."


      It seems to happen when I try to use the miniremote to remote into some computers, not all remote clients. It seems to happen after a sudden disconnect or reboot of the remote machine. It doesn't matter where I do it, so it not computer/profile specific. And I can get co-workers to login to the same remote system w/o issue, so it seems to be my issue.


      I can use dameware NT utilities to access all the tools for the respective computer but a soon as I try to use MiniRemote and try to login I get the error. I can use other remote desktop apps and windows RDP w/ smart card authentication w/o errors.


      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program on my pc, the service and drivers on the remote PC w/ Dameware software. I've tried manually adding and removing the conents %windir%\dwrcs folder on the remote system w/o issue.


      Damware sees my smart card as a JavaCard #2 if that helps.