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    Automatically Assign a Child Ticket?


      Is there a way of automatically Assigning a Child Ticket?


      Right now, I have several workflows that create Child Tickets as part of the Tasks. A Technician is automatically assigned the Child Ticket, but the Ticket is created in an OPEN state. We do not give our techs tickets until they are Assigned, which means I need to open each of the Child tickets and change them from Open to Assigned.


      Is there anyway in the Task process to have the Status set as Assigned (since there is a known Tech set)?

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          You may be able to create an Action Rule for this.   Not 100% it would work as i don't have a setup like that at the moment with Tasks & child tickets - so you'd want to test it first!  - but here's my thought:



          Action rule Action Rule Info tab:    set it to 'on all updates'    and     'only if the criteria did not match before the ticket was updated'

          Action rule Criteria tab:  Tech is any of [select all of the Techs]      AND (second criteria):  Status is Open

          Action rule Actions tab:   Change Status to Assigned



          The somewhat obvious caveat here is that since the Criteria for "tech is any of <selected techs>" is explicitly defined in the Action Rule, you'd need to remember to update that Criteria if new Techs are added to the WHD system.