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    Custom Dashboards



      I am new to Solarwinds Orion so apologies if this has been answered before.

      What I'm trying to do is set up a custom dashboard which can be an overview of our Linux servers (we also monitor a bunch of windows servers and network equipment but don't want them in this dashboard)
      I would like to be able to display graphs etc which can show stats like:

      Total network traffic across all Linux servers
      A summary of CPU and memory usage - Show me servers which are using a high % of their memory or CPU etc
      Show me any Linux servers which are nearly filling up their disk

      All active alerts on only the Linux servers


      There are others as well but that would be a good start, is something like this possible?



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          Settings, All settings, Manage Views.


          Copy the Top 10 View and then with that copy, filter on the servers you want.


          Add a chart for network traffic.


          Or create a new View with custom chart data of your choosing if you don't want the Top XX charts. This is just a quick way to get started in what you are asking for.



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              Thanks for that, After an initial look that seems to be doing what I require, I'll just have to pay a bit more to see if I can get all of the stats etc that I am looking for.


              It was a little unintuitive to me to create a link to this new view / dashboard from the menu so if it helps anyone else in the future what I did was.


              Click on the My dashboards menu
              then customise

              edit the menu bar / section required

              scroll right to the bottom and click add
              the URL is http://yoursolarwindsurl/NewDashboardName