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    Best Reports for Monitoring Windows/Sonicwall?


      I've recently setup LEM 6.3.1 with Reports. We have Windows servers running local and in the cloud. We also have Sonicwall appliances.

      Between the LEM Console and the vast amount of reports it's a little overwhelming.

      I've setup some basic rules (group/user account changes and Logon failures.) Can someone suggest what reports and any additional rules you've found useful?

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          Both the Reports console and the rules engine have pre-built "groups" to help with this sort of thing.


          In Reports, go to Manage → Categories and you can select your industry or compliance frameworks to see what we suggest.


          2017-02-02 11_18_45-Presentation1 - PowerPoint.png


          In the LEM console, on the left of the Build → Rules screen, you'll see categories you can explore to see Templates for different compliance needs, change management and specific devices.


          2017-02-02 11_21_51-SolarWinds Log & Event Manager.png