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    Netflow graphs are empty!


      I recently updated system from v11 to v12, and to new servers including architecture change with NTA (separate server for FSD). I think everything worked after changes, but now I noticed that all netflow graphs are empty. And I haven't change anything since those updates. I checked some instructions to see why's that, and one instruction told to check if polling time differs from graph setting:

      Sample interval shorter than polling frequency

      Verify that the sample interval on the chart is longer than the polling frequency for the data the chart should display.

      1. In Main Settings & Administration, find the Thresholds & Polling grouping, and click Polling Settings.
      2. Review the interval for polling the statistics.
      3. Click Edit in the chart, adjust the Sample Interval on the chart so that it is not shorter than the polling interval.For example, if polling Nodes every 10 minutes do not set Sample Interval to 10 Minutes, instead use a higher interval.
      4. Click Submit.


      I couldn't find sample interval setting from graph edit. I think that instruction is from old version of NPM. Where it is hidden now?