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    Configure VMAN and VM account permissions


      Hello Guys,


      I am new to Virtualization Manager. While going through Getting Started document I found this.


      1- "enable VMAN communication with your virtual environment, create your VMAN account using the same credentials for vCenter for VMware and Hyper-V."

      2- "You need an Orion Platform account that matches credentials with your VMware or Hyper-V installation."


      I am trying to understand what exactly this means.


      I have integrated VMAN with the existing Orion Platform and it seems to be working fine. Now the VMAN account is not the same as Venter and Hyper-V.

      Also the Orion account does not match the credentials on VCentre and Hyper-V. Is there something I am missing due to this?


      Thanks in advance for helping out with this.