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      We would like to obtain the Map data via the SolarWinds API.


      Note we want the actual data and not to embed the SolarWinds widget in our user interface.


      We would like to get each 'location' name (i.e. Hong Kong), number of nodes in that location and the 'location' up/down indication.


      Please can you assist.





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          This is a good topic for someone that is looking increase their thwack pointage.  Getting the data that is currently available on Thwack, providing how-to guides, and providing several examples. 


          Better yet, How about a contest or Data call such as "Shows us your Map Data" much like "Show us your NOC View" contest.

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            The map data is not exposed through the API in a useful form. Do you have your nodes grouped in other way, such as by Orion Groups or labelled with location custom properties?

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              I use custom properties at the moment but would like to do more.  Unfortunately, I just do not have time to dive deep into it as I am running 4 different types networks with 4 different Solarwinds Solutions across the globe by myself.  I really need 3-5 more people.